It’s something that’s touched so many of us. Mothers. Daughters.Fathers and sons. Siblings and friends. You don’t have to be diagnosed with diabetes to understand the challenges that come from living with the disease. And you don’t have to know what it’s like to live with diabetes, to be inspired by the stories of those who are doing it every day.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in "No Sugar Added - Straight Talk From Those Living With Diabetes."

“My dad, the legendary Ron Santo, was more than a Cubs player, he was someone who lived successfully with diabetes for 52 years.He also knew that there was an amazing power in sharing information and stories of hope. No Sugar Added - Straight Talk From Those Living With Diabetes supports that belief with tips and advice from a variety of perspectives and experiences.This book is a must read for anyone living with or supporting someone with T1D."

- Ron Santo, Jr.

Diabetes is not the end of one's life, so one shouldn't treat it like it is. "No Sugar Added: Straight Talk from Those Living with Diabetes" is a collection of memoirs from those who are facing diabetes throughout their life and how they have conquered it and achieved greater health regardless. The stories within are from those are facing it themselves, their friends and family, and more. "No Sugar Added" is packed cover to cover with full color photography and very much recommended for those who are facing it themselves or have family members who are coping.

~ Midwest Book Review